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Key Points


On-Chain Assets

All our NFT assets are stored onchain with either $ICP or $BTC


Low Inscription #

Our BTC ordinals have very low inscription numbers starting with #112,540


Dfinity Colors

GN Punks feature vibrant Dfinity colors. Dfinity is the non-profit that maintains the Internet Computer.

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Cubetopia Island 860

GNight Punks bought a Cubetopia Island and worked with an amazing architect and builder (@theRunnico) to create our metaverse headquarters. The island has 4 parkour challenges; try making your way to top of each GNight Punk statue and to the top of the Rocket!!

  • Island Features
  • 🟣 3 Floors of Nightclub
  • πŸ”΅ Rooftop Pool, Helipad, Helicopter
  • 🟒 88 Punk NFT Gallery
  • 🟑 3 Hillside Statues
  • 🟠 1 Rocket to the Moon
  • πŸ”΄ 1 Moon crater themed lagoon
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GNight Punks Anthem!

We commissioned an instrumental punk song form a local GNight Punk here in Salt Lake City, UT!!

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Blog / News / Events

Events - Sept 29, 2023

GNight Punks Art On Display at Beeple's CryptoPunks Event

We were lucky to have some art displayed in Beeple's Studio for a CryptoPunks event.

There were CryptoPunk Speakers during the day and a Community Art Show at night.

Beeple is truly the Hostess with the Mostess

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Frequently Asked Questions

Minting Date and Info ?

$ICP Minting hosted by Entrepots Launchpad
Minting Sunday, March 12 @ 3PM UTC
Public Mint for All, no Allowlist
0.065 for 1 NFT
0.050 for bulk buys of 10, 25, 50

Secondary Royalties ?

GN Punks ICP have 0% Royalties.
GN Punks BTC have a 1.5% Royaltie on Bioniq.

Team NFTs ?

Our team is reserving 420 ICP NFTS for long term marketing efforts.

What is the Internet Computer?

β€œThe simplest way to think about the Internet Computer Blockchain is as a decentralized hosting and compute provider, similar in many ways to Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure. All of these companies have data centers around the world that host websites and power the internet, just like the Internet Computer.

However, if we stopped there we would be missing the mark! The Internet Computer is a network of computers that is as decentralized and scalable as the internet itself, powered by smart contracts and chain key cryptography. This is a little more advanced than our first definition, but is basically a fancy way of saying it uses groundbreaking cryptography to create a more secure and usable blockchain that can run at web speed, meaning we can build web applications 100% on the blockchain, and it just works.” - icp.guide

Where can I learn more about the Internet Computer ?

icp.guide start here
Dfinity Foundation main contributor
DSCVR on-chain Web 3 Social Network
distrikt on-chain Web 3 Social Network
Entrepot NFT Marketplace
Plethora Game on-chain gaming